Dr. Emmanuel Eroume A Egom

Dr. Egom’s mission is to advance the treatment of Cardiology & Diabetes disorders. He recently relocated to Mississauga to launch the Cardiology & Diabetes Center of Excellence located at Reflex Medical Center. He is deeply involved in many clinical trials.

The Centre of Excellence offers a unique approach for the prevention and treatment of cardiac & diabetic disorders. Dr. Egom received numerous accolades for his patient-centred care. Clinical services are offered in French, Italian & English.

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  • Senior clinician-scientist at the Institut du Savoir Montfort.

  • Former Medical Director of the Heart Health Clinic at Saint Martha Regional Hospital.
  • Assistant professor of Medicine at Dalhousie University
  • Professional designations: MD, PhD, MSc, MRCP, FRCPC.

Areas of Practice

  • Urgent & non-urgent Cardiology, Diabetes and Geriatric Cardiology.

  • General Internal Medicine consults.

  • Comprehensive Cardiovascular Diagnosis Testing & Screening.

Active Studies & Trials

  • Ph.D. in Cardio-Metabolic Medicine (including Diabetes).
  • Diabetes prevention study Emperor.

  • COVID long term complications, delay & prevention.