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Reflex Medical Centre Telemedicine – COVID-19 Outbreak

Our doctor can assess your condition from the comfort of your home. With telemedicine, you will video conference with your doctor. You will also save yourself a trip to the clinic. Call 905.820.6000 ext 1 to book your telemedicine appointment today.

Plus if you require medication, our pharmacy will have it delivered to you*. Simply let the doctor know during your telemedicine examination.

We understand the emotional burden that COVID-19 has put upon you and your loved ones. Together we will prevail through this difficult period.

How does Telemedicine work?

With telemedicine, the doctor will see you remotely via video. All you need is a computer with a camera to explain your symptoms. You can also use your camera phone.

To prepare for your appointment, the nurse will ask you some questions. We will then email you or text you a link for your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, simply click the link you received to initiate your e-visit.

Can I book a telemedicine appointment for other symptoms? 

Yes, you can book a telemedicine appointment . Simply call 9058206000 ext 1.

Our medical doctors and pharmacists are always here to support your healthcare needs. Ensuring your well being is of our top priority.

*A fee may apply. Call 905. 820. 7207 to make arrangements.