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Cardiac Diagnostics

The number one cause of death among adults in North America is related to a cardiac condition1. The good news is that most cardiac conditions can be prevented by proactive cardiac care and screening tests. Reflex Medical Centre offers patients stress tests to screen for high risk cardiac conditions in the comfort of our offices. Tests include: Electrocardiography (ECG aka EKG): Records the pattern of your heart beats to spot abnormalities, signalling a need for medical attention. ECG Screens are used to:

  • Measure how fast your heart is beating
  • Determine the rhythm quality of your heart beats, whether it is regular or irregular
  • Assess the strength and timing of electrical signals as they pass through your heart
  • Detect heart attacks, arrhythmias, heart failure and other conditions that may affect the heart

Holter Monitor: Records your heart beat pattern over a period ranging from 24 hours to 2 weeks with a small wearable device connected to pain-free electrodes attached to the chest. This test pinpoints abnormalities that may not be visible through traditional EKG. Patients can continue with their normal routine until it’s time to come back to the clinic to remove the device and review results with their doctor. Stress Echocardiography: Uses ultrasound imaging to show the fitness of your cardiovascular system. Exercise Stress Echo Test: Involves exercising on a treadmill to gauge the performance of the heart and lungs while they are under physical stress to help recognize cardiac conditions not visible during routine examination. This test is recommended, but not limited to those who experience:

  • Unexplained Chest Pain (especially if Coronary Heart Disease is suspected)
  • Irregular heartbeats (Arrhythmia)
  • Very fast or slow heart rate (Tachycardia or Bradycardia)
  • Palpitations (unusual throbbing or fluttering sensations in the heart)
  • Angina (chest discomfort due to poor blood flow through the blood vessels)
  • If you have had a Heart Attack, Angioplasty or Heart Bypass Surgery
  • If you have experienced any heart related complications and are looking to start an exercise program

Strengthen your heart and prolong your life. Schedule your risk assessment consultation today.

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National Vital Statistics Report, Volume 61 Part 6; 2012

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