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Nail Fungus

Fungal nail infection medically known as onychomycosis is a common nail disorder in adults that infects the nail bed and causes the nail to become yellow or discoloured, thick and brittle. In some cases it can make it uncomfortable for the patient to wear shoes or walk. At Reflex Medical Centre we use photo thermal laser therapy to treat fungal nail infections including those resistant to topical and oral antifungal treatments.

How it Works

Using a non-invasive laser procedure called ClearSteps®, our experienced staff will treat the affected nail and skin by passing a laser beam over the infected nail and surrounding tissue. This results in a photo-thermal heating effect that weakens and kills the fungi causing the infection.

Improvements may be seen as soon as a single treatment. We recommend three to four sessions for optimal results. A single treatment takes about 45 minutes to treat 10 nails. You may experience a heating sensation during the treatment; and possibly slight nail discolouration after the procedure. Successful treatment will grow a new and healthy nail. Depending on the rate of growth, it could take up to 1 year to for the nail to be entirely clear. Best of all, you can resume your daily routine immediately after the procedure!

The treatment is quick, safe and effective, and 95% of patients were clear of infection after 3 months of treatment1.

1A full treatment consists of 1 – 3 sessions.
2Data provided by ClearStepsTM.

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