Compounding Custom Medications

At Reflex Pharmacy, we can customize medications specific to your health needs by compounding almost any medication into capsules, nasal spray, suppositories, topical creams or gels and lollipops.

Medication discontinued? Allergic to an ingredient in pre-packaged medication? Kid fussy about his medication’s flavour? We will prepare your medication from scratch by mixing individual ingredients together with the exact dosage and strength required and in the form you desire (capsule, liquid or cream).

Compounding Services

  • Flavouring medication to ease ingestion and feel better faster – especially for kids.

  • Formulating a medication in specific dosage - suitable if medication has been discontinued or does not come in prescribed dosage.

  • Removing preservatives and non-essential problematic ingredients such as dye, sugar, or lactose– great for allergy and lactose sufferers.

  • Converting pills to a liquid or gel form – convenient if you have trouble swallowing pills.

  • Combining multiple medications – making it easier to consume and remember if you have taken it.

  • Preparing special formulations such as eczema, skin lightening, muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory and pain management creams, hair loss, acne management and much more.