At Reflex Pharmacy, our patients’ health is our number one priority.

Our team of pharmacists are dedicated to help you achieve the best health care possible in a timely, safe and cost efficient manner. They listen to your concerns, offer you personalized counselling and assist you with affordable access to medications.

Easily Order & Transfer Yours Prescriptions

Filling your prescriptions at Reflex Pharmacy is easy and quick. We promise we’ll provide you the best care possible.

Order Prescription

Call (905) 820 – 7207 to speak to your pharmacist


Ask your doctor’s office to fax your prescription to (905) 820 – 6387.

Refill Prescription

Your refill will be ready for pick up within 24 hours of receiving your request.

Transfer Prescription

Please have the following handy:

  • Patient name & date of birth

  • Medication being transferred

  • Pharmacy requesting transfer from.

Compounding Custom Medications

Can’t swallow pills? Reflex Pharmacy can convert it to liquid form.

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Blister Packs: Easy Medications Reminder

Have your Reflex Pharmacist prepare your custom dosage packs today.

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Medication Review

Understanding, managing and controlling Your Medications.

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Why Choose Reflex Pharmacy

5 reasons why patients choose Reflex Pharmacy for their prescriptions.

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Stay Protected With A Flu Shot Vaccination

Protect yourself from being bed ridden for days with high fever.

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