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Medication Review

Your pharmacist wants to ensure your prescription and non-prescription medications are safely and effectively achieving their goals.
Schedule your Free* Medication Review with our pharmacists to:

  • Review all prescription and non-prescription medications you take like vitamins, herbal and over the counter meds
  • Identify any drug interactions and dangerous side effects of combining medications
  • Answer all your questions about your medications and your health

Can’t come to the pharmacy?
Our pharmacist will visit you at home! Simply book your appointment for a free in-home visit and learn how to:

  • Properly store medications
  • Dispose of expired medications
  • Understand what every medication is for and how to use it
  • Develop a follow-up plan for your therapy
  • Contact your medical doctor if needed
  • Dispose of sharps and biological waste

Call now to book your complementary personalized Medication Review today.

* Medication Reviews are funded by the government or your health insurance plan.

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