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Why Reflex Pharmacy

At Reflex Pharmacy,  our pharmacists are committed to help you achieve the best health care possible by listening to your concerns, offering you personalized one-on-one counseling, helping you navigate your condition and following up on your treatment.

5 reasons why our patients choose Reflex Pharmacy

1. Minimal Wait Time

The wait time to pick up your prescriptions is minimal compared to other leading pharmacies. Prescriptions are electronically communicated to Reflex Pharmacy (upon your request) speeding up the process. In most cases, your prescription will be ready for pick up by the time you leave your doctor’s office.

2. Therapy Is Not Just About Medications

At Reflex Pharmacy we believe that medications are only one element of your therapeutic plan. Our pharmacists can help you with your diet and lifestyle modification. For example, we schedule a 20 minutes consultation with patients recently diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure. We go with you through a therapeutic plan, train you on using medical devices such as a glucometer and offer you healthy dietary recipes to bring your condition under control.

3. Complementary Services to Our Seniors & Veterans Including

     –  in-home medications delivery

     –  in-home consultation to go through your therapeutic plan, medication storage and sharps disposal scenarios

     –  blister packaging to help you better manage your medications

    –  custom fitting walkers and other support devices

4. Compounding Services

The art and science of making medications that fit your exact needs. You choose the color of your capsules, the flavour of your  non-commercially available medication and your Reflex Pharmacist will compound it for you. We even go beyond this to cater for cosmetic compounds such as skin whitening creams.

5. Affordable Access to Medications

No drug plan, no problem. Our Pharmacists can help eligible patients apply for government funded drug plans and gain access to compassion care programs often offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers for expensive medications. Ask your caring and compassionate pharmacist how we can help.

Stop by or call 905.820.7207 to schedule your complementary consultation.

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