Cardiology & Diabetes Centre of Excellence

Reflex Medical Center is integrating the Cardiology & Diabetes Clinic to your medical care. Owned and led by Professor Dr. Emmanuel Eroume A Egom, the Center of Excellence offers cutting edge treatment algorithms, clinical studies and a research site to address your medical needs.

The Cardiology Clinic is focused on treating and preventing cardiovascular conditions. The Heart Health Program targets early detection and the prevention of cardiac events. The Diabetes Clinic focuses on treating & preventing diabetes & its complications. Both clinics work together to handle cardiometabolic disorders.

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Clinical Services

  1. Urgent and non-urgent Cardiology, Diabetes, & Geriatric Cardiology Consults.
  2. General Internal Medicine Consults.
  3. Comprehensive Cardiovascular Diagnostics Testing & Screening.

How We Innovate

  1. Urgent cases are scheduled within the same week1 of receiving the referral.
  2. Detailed high-quality consult reports presenting the patient diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic plan.
  3. Clinical services are offered in English, French & Italian.
  4. Eligible patients can enroll in leading clinical trials as per protocol.

Onsite Cardiac Diagnostic Tests

Electrocardiography Testing

Screen against cardiac anomalies & mitigate against serious cardiac conditions.

Holter Monitor Screening

Detect irregular heartbeats, a leading cause of strokes.

Stress Echocardiography

Protect yourself against serious cardiac conditions such as heart attacks.