Health & Wellness

Our mission at Reflex Medical Centre is to create an open and safe environment to address our patients’ health concerns and needs. Let our dedicated team of health and wellness practitioners find the treatments and services that will work for your body, and give you the support to lead an empowered and healthy lifestyle.

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Regain Your Mobility with Physiotherapy

What’s keeping your body from moving the best it can?

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Feel Relaxed with Massage Therapy

Relieve stress, promote overall wellness and more.

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Chiropractic Care: A Non-Invasive Approach to Health

Improve joint movement, Relieve back pain and more with Chriropractic care.

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Healthcare For Seniors At Home

Professional care with a personal touch.

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Food Intolerance Testing

Suffer from belching, bloating, heart burn, abdominal cramps? Get tested for Food Intolerance.

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Pain-Free Walking with Custom Orthotics

Have constant foot and back pain? Our custom orthotics can offer you the comfort you deserve.

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